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The Magic Of Master Key Systems

How do you know if you need a master key system for your facility? Master key systems allow for several layers of security to be spread throughout an office or facility, without the need for a high technology lock solution. When you use a master key system, you get to define who gets to open what doors within a facility simply by giving them the proper level of key. In this way, a master key system can allow the control of employee flow, while still allowing those who need access to whole areas of a facility to move freely. A master key system has its pros and cons. Each master key system will also have a different level of security.

The first question when thinking about a master key system is how strong do you want your security to be, and how convenient do you want movement around your facility? A master key system can allow strong security, blocking most people from accessing more than a handful of doors within the building. On the other hand, you can have a few categories of doors so that you may split employees into a few areas.

For a practical example of these two extremes, consider the following. If you had a large business firm, you may have countless doors within the building, but only want most employees to be able to access their own office. This first level of employees would have tier 1 keys, only able to access their own lock or locks from their department. The managers of these employees may need to be able to go into any office in their department, so their keys would be tier 2. The cleaning staff may need access to any office in the building, in order to properly clean the many different rooms on the different floors. The cleaning crew would have tier 3 keys. This is a system with many tiers, and there could be even more depending on the depth of security required. A simpler security system would likely have 2 tiers. One tier would be keys for different single doors or areas, and then a master key that can open all the doors in the system.

This variable structure of master key systems is part of its strength. A master key system could start small, for a small business, and grow as the company grows. The system does not need to be limited to one floor or even one building.

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